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Nun ist es also so weit… richtig ist es nicht doch Notwendig…. Braaa… in 6 Tagen geht’s wieder zur Hochschule + in 9 Tagen fängt mein Praktikum an. Wie die Zeit vergeht, schrecklich! Seit knapp 2 Wochen hock ich hier mit’ner richtig ätzenden Erkältung, die dank „intensiver Pflege“ nicht weg gehen will… Tjaja… selber schuld! I know. Eigentlich wollte ich heute nach Hamburg, doch dank den allgemeinen Befindens muss ich das wohl auf nächsten Do oder Sa verschieben *narf*

Naja, denn muss ich wohl das neue Einkaufszentrum hier in Bremen inspizieren… das wird wohl noch gehen^^

Hier noch ma 'ne Runde PV-Spam^^

Sleeping Sheep - เวลาเยียวยาทุกสิ่ง

Seo Taiji - T'ik T'ak

Fox loco phantom 妄想ガール


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Dec. 6th, 2008 01:37 am (UTC)
Kaya Christmas Fanbook Project!
Sorry, but I don't know German at all T_T

I found you in the member list of rose_addict.

For Christmas, we are making Kaya a fanbook with our wishes for him for 2009. I have bought some hand-made scrapbooking paper and gluing like mad, and there are also people who agreed to translate. When we are done, we will mail it off to him from his International Addicts.

In his diary entry after his LA live, he sounded genuinely surprised that people outside of Japan like him, so we decided to bring it on and wish him a happy new year.

Please respond to this comment right now with your answer to the following:

1. Name: (optional-- or make something up!)
2. Country: (V. Important! Kaya likes the International Addicts!)
3. Why you think Kaya is awesome:
4. Your wishes for him for 2009.
5. If you have fanart, a picture of yourself, or anything else you want to give to him, a link to that (I will go print it out on glossy picture paper and glue it in). A picture of yourself is nice, so that he sees that these are real ppl who like him ^_^
6. If you're from the US and/or went to the live, please say thank you for coming and invite him to come again!

Thank you very much for your participation! Please write back now so I can pass your messages along to be translated; I am putting together the fanbook as we speak! Fanart can wait until the end of the weekend—but, as I said before, a pic of you is good too <3

Kaya will be so happy, squee!
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